He received a soft aroma massage.
He's always got shoulder muscles.These days, as I sit in front of the computer more and more, my shoulder muscles are tighter, hurting and my whole body is frowned on.So I decided to compensate myself after a long time.I looked it up and found a good place for 부천건마 Daegu massage near my house.​​Aznaterapi, who […]

He's always got shoulder muscles.
These days, as I sit in front of the computer more and more, my shoulder muscles are tighter, hurting and my whole body is frowned on.
So I decided to compensate myself after a long time.
I looked it up and found a good place for 부천건마 Daegu massage near my house.

Aznaterapi, who is good at Daegu Massage, was located right next to Gaksan Binari Park, making it easy to find.
It's Aznaterapy & Spa that I've been walking by a lot while exercising.
I didn't know this place was famous for Daegu Massage.
As far as I know, it was opened in February, but I'm curious about the management's hand pressure lamp skills.

As soon as you get off the elevator, you can see Aznaterapi.
The Aznaterapi, which is known to be a good place for Daegu massage,
It was a place where I was more excited because the boss was famous in Seoul.

Before I made the reservation, I saw the review on another blog and made the reservation, but there were managers here separately.

I'm going to get a massage in the photo zone where everyone takes pictures.I said, "~~" so I just passed it. It was disappointing. I didn't take a single picture in this pretty photo zone. ​ ​ ​ ​ When you open the door and enter, there is a shoe closet on your left. Change your shoes there and enter

Check the entry list and body temperature at the same time as the entrance.
Why doesn't my body temperature always go down to 36 degrees?

Aznaterapy & Spa, located in the innovative city of Daegu Massage, is a startup company that opened in February.
Perhaps because of this, the interior and everything were neat.
I thought it would be perfect to heal with quiet music.

A large air purifier kept the indoor air fresh.

Each type of management and price were written, and it was so blind that it was gold.
Aznaterapi is a massage parlor that made people think it's very luxurious overall.

At Azuna Therapy, there were Sensitive & Basic, Spa Sensitive Deep Tissue, and Shiachu Massage Management, which I chose to use.
As you can see from the price list, Azuna Therapy here has a 10,000 won difference in price from 7 p.m.
It would be better to take care of it cheaply during the day.
I could get managed for 60,000 won because I made a reservation at 4 o'clock.
◈ Sensitive & Basic: Sensitive & Basic techniques using the scent and medicinal properties of essential oils to relieve stress and relieve body circulation
◈ Spa Sensitive Deep Tissue: Soft Swedish + Essential Oil
◈ Shihachu Massage: Stress relief and body circulation through rhythmic shihachu techniques

It was good to get private care because it was made up of individual rooms.

Etoile room that I was guided to When I got home, I looked up what it meant, and it meant stars, stars, stars, and so on. ^^ Each room had pretty names. ​ ​ ​ The bed was covered with vinyl because it was a massage using essential oil. ​ ​ Aznaterapi, who is good at Daegu massage, was good to get massage in each individual room. It was nice to have a separate shower room in each room, not a public shower room like anywhere else. ​ ​ I didn't take anything, but I had everything I needed to take a shower like this. I didn't use this shower room because I took a shower in advance at home because my house was right near. So that I can absorb more after the massage?I just came home without taking a shower. ​ ​ ​ ​ I arrived 20 minutes earlier than the reservation time, so I went into the room and waited for a cup of tea. I feel like I'm already healing from the moody music and a cup of warm tea ^^ ​ ​ ​ At Aznaterapi, who is good at Daegu massage, We were using expensive jojoba oil, which is closest to our skin PH, as a basic oil. And there are 7 kinds of essential oils, and it was good to choose what I want. ​ ​ There was no difficulty in choosing oil because the performance of each essential oil was written in the room. I couldn't sleep a wink and went to get treatment. I usually can't sleep well because of insomnia, but I couldn't sleep even during the day. That's why I choose lavender oil ^^ ​ ​ ​ ​ The disposable panties used in Aznaterapy were different from other places. Less embarrassing with a square. I can't get used to it whenever I get a massage. ​ ​ ​ The manager came in while I was changing clothes and drinking a cup of warm tea. He was very gentle and kind, so I could get a massage comfortably. Where it's clumping, where it's uncomfortable, if it's appropriate… ​ ​ ​ He looked at the large surgical scar on my back and asked if it was stuck in my waist. Yes~!
Maybe it's because of it, but he made my arm weak a lot.
He received a soft aroma massage.
I usually get a lot of pressure when I get an aroma massage.
You asked me if the pressure was appropriate, but I didn't ask you to make it stronger.
I thought the manager would have his own technique, so I received it comfortably as you told me.
Soft massages and unknowingly closed eyes.

After an hour of healing time for my body, he brought me a cup of red light tea.
It was like a hibiscus car.

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