I’m happy to buy a used car on Christmas impulse
The speaker at home broke down.Wow, this is it. I'm doing one computer, and I'm doing nothing.It's so frustrating that I can't hear it.I was wondering if it would be good. I'm going to plug in my earphones.It's bad for your ears to use. Play the music.You can sit down and listen when you let […]

The speaker at home broke down.

Wow, this is it. I'm doing one computer, and I'm doing nothing.

It's so frustrating that I can't hear it.

I was wondering if it would be good. I'm going to plug in my earphones.

It's bad for your ears to use. Play the music.

You can sit down and listen when you let go.

It was so frustrating! What should I do?

I've been trying to set things up.

Surprisingly, I'm using a monitor that's basic.

There's a speaker system with the? double use

You said it was a monitor, and it sounded like this.

I've never known that I'm coming out big.

I was really surprised.Thanks to you, speaker

You don't have to live separately, but rather with good sound quality.

I'm lucky to be able to play a song.

I've spent a lot of money for myself this year.

I'm doing it~~~~ of which it is far more expensive.

The biggest part of the story was the big part.

After much consideration, I ended up bringing one.

But I was the final candidate.

The Grandeurig used to be so nice.

I looked around and took a bunch of pictures.

While I'm at the gallery, I'll tell you a story.

I'm just trying to figure it out. Come on in today's blog.

I'm talking to him! Frankly, I'm looking forward to it.

I barely did it. But the conditions are pretty good.

It was fine. It was a hybrid.~

It's also good to save fuel efficiency. Start the engine.

Even the moment I tried to drive, I was quiet.

I was surprised to hear that it belonged to a hybrid!

And it highlights its luxurious charm.

It's black. I personally think it's...

A sedan like a Grandeur is too big for Black to manage.

It's going to be a little harder, but it's cool and looks good on you.

I tend to think! when 88카 I saw it from the front

It was great, but it was formed in the back.

The rear lamps on the long, dynamic lines are true.

I liked it. There's a lot of imprints down there.

It was lined up. It's glossy!

I've looked at every corner of the surface together, Scratch.

There's a lot of damage, a lot of damage.

The problem of frowning is nothing.

I couldn't see it. Unexpectedly.

I knew it was okay, and the owner of the car was working hard.

You said you drove. Performance check register

I saw it again, and it says it's no accident!!

If you've been looking for it, we need to get back to you soon.

The conditions seem to make me wonder if I'm doing it.

I'm just saying it was okay. It's too much to give up.

It's a shame, but it's hard to choose right now.

I've got another pick for my needs.

It was more right, so I had to give up.

Let's continue with the review!

It's three-dimensional, but it's thick from the side.

From the front, it's sleek and balanced.

The wheels of the tires are constructed from the lines.

It was nice to have it. The residual rate is due to the nature of second-hand traffic.

It was a little hard to look forward to, but run now.

It didn't seem to be a problem.

It looks like your tire is in good condition!

It was balanced. Oh, for your information.

You'd better watch it. It's in the 2018 format.

Yes. That's why I looked at him more.

If you look at the total mileage proportionally, it's appropriate.

Black-colored interior consistent to the interior

It was so cool that The texture is a little bit.

I do, but it's enough.

The big problem with using it again as is,

No, I didn't. It was very comfortable sitting in the driver's seat.

And if you look at it with a Daily Carr, it's the best.

It's also a seat to try!

It's a power sheet. Just press the button and it's very simple.

It can be controlled in a way. Tilting, too.

He was easy, and he had a legroom in the second row.

The headroom had a good proportion! Sometimes by taxi

There's a more comfortable reason to meet Grandeur

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