It also advertises the massage on the face.
The body and mind continue to live in the house.Do you all feel like it's getting dirty?I don't know how to massage or steam.Because I can't go to the shop that I liked.The rhythm seemed to have completely collapsed.Most of the time, from teleworking to shopping, online.And then you get the wrong product.I have a […]

The body and mind continue to live in the house.

Do you all feel like it's getting dirty?

I don't know how to massage or steam.

Because I can't go to the shop that I liked.

The rhythm seemed to have completely collapsed.

Most of the time, from teleworking to shopping, online.

And then you get the wrong product.

I have a new job to exchange and return.

I took out the massage gel from the house and it got all mushy.

I thought I'd give you a present.

I can feel it in my hands even though it still has a shelf life.

It doesn't feel good. So I threw it away.

My skin is precious.

I searched for massage gel on the Internet.

There were a lot of different products.

But you can't test it, so you can't do it.

I hit the limit.

I'm sure you've all experienced it, but it's the best thing to do

It's not easy to choose a product.

a product that is less irritating and more 사당 마사지 effective to the skin

I was looking for it, and suddenly I saw a sign on the side of the boulevard.

I got an idea.

Where there's a crowd of masked guests, Angel.

It was right near my house.

You have to see it with your own eyes, test it out.

I think there are a lot of people like me who are getting loose.

Massage gel, which is popular for quince gel.

I've seen it in a review on the Internet.

It was so nice to see you in person.

Pure & Original is a soluble gel and pump type

It looked safe and comfortable in the container.

Whether it's shampoo or oil, I like pump type.

I liked it better because I prefer it.

Anything that touches your skin should be hygienic.

That it has to be absorbed well is its own.

It's an iron rule.

If the massage gel you used in the past was stiff,

This gel was a type of running water.

But as soon as I tested it, it was in my hand.

I could feel the absorption.

It was Gi-woo who was worried that it would fall down.

According to the explanation, there's snail mucus filtrate.

It's water-type jelly, but it doesn't spill.

It's characteristic that it seeps into the skin.

So if you rub it on your skin, it won't irritate you.

It's something that permeates well.

The sticky gel can irritate your skin,

I didn't feel very good during the massage.

But Pure & Original is a hydrating product.

Cosmetics, they're so light and fresh.

My hands were satisfied first.

You don't need a massage ball or instrument.

Just by rubbing it, the absorption is smooth.

You don't have to go to the massage shop.

It's built by pharmaceutical companies, and it's made for expertise and safety.

I trusted you.

Lactobacillus, snail mucus filtrate, green tea extract,

pomegranate extract, aloe vera leaf extract, and wormwood extract

If you just hear the name, you'll find that we can eat it all.

I was surprised that they were ingredients.

Lactobacillus is a type of lactic acid.

Isn't it the ingredient?

Made of natural ingredients to eat.

I was more relieved.

It'll stay moist until you get home.

I thought I was really lucky to get to the store.

I heard it. It's a gift to the scent.

I was able to feel better with just one massage gel.

Actually, after I got an oil massage at the massage shop,

It's still sticky until you go to sleep.

And I got a massage on my face massage.

It was as slick as an advertiser.

But she's got no sign of it.

It was a whim that got absorbed.

It's a natural ingredient, so I'm worried about trouble.

No, it's very absorbent.

Even if you massage at night, you'll get a blanket.

No worries, isn't it attractive?

Plus, it's a 250ml capacity.

I put a lot on my legs, too.

Massage after shower and sleep well

Because I can sleep, I can massage before I go to bed.

I enjoy it. The next day, it's moist.

The happiness of touching the skin.

You have to experience it firsthand.

I was also attracted by the fact that it was colorless and odorless.

If you smell alcohol or artificial scents,

It actually interferes with the massage.

It's refreshing as if it's just bottled water.

I feel like I'm going to have to pay for the name "Fuer"

It felt like I was doing it well.

If you have dry skin, you'll need essential oil.

Mix and massage to create a synergy effectively, it will create a synergy effect.

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