It was just as pretty as it was for me
On my birthday, my boyfriend...I bought him a birthday present for his birthday!​It's a department store. It's a coincidence.I took a picture! The shopping bag is luxurious.I will spend the rest of my life in cowhide.~~You're so pretty! 레플리카 You're so pretty!It's really luxurious, crazy.Surely Yves Saint Laurent has more gold than silver.I think it's […]

On my birthday, my boyfriend...

I bought him a birthday present for his birthday!

It's a department store. It's a coincidence.

I took a picture! The shopping bag is luxurious.

I will spend the rest of my life in cowhide.~~

You're so pretty! 레플리카 You're so pretty!

It's really luxurious, crazy.

Surely Yves Saint Laurent has more gold than silver.

I think it's pretty. That is perfect.

Black gold is a combination that cannot be failed.

Should I buy it?

I didn't know what size to choose while thinking about what size to choose.

I went there to compare the sizes myself!

First, a new medium size is coming out, so I'll check if it fits me.

Some people say that even if it's the same, it's still. concern

I carry a lot of luggage.

Perhaps the new media is small.

But I think it's okay if you look at the picture.

I went to see it myself. I went there, too.

I realized Raj was much more suitable for me!

If you are worried about the size, please visit in person.

I recommend you listen to it and buy it.

Yves Saint Laurent shopping bag, clutch bag box, dust bag.

And all the other guarantees,

It's a component!

Shopping bags, boxes, dust bags. It’s simple.

The Saint Laurent logo is engraved, and women look like that.

It's a fantasy, right?

The product and code are in the box!

There are various guarantees and receipts!

There's a lot in there.

Where there is a warranty, there is also a simple logo!

We need a guarantee.

You have to take care of it.~

Black Gold Combination Cow Leather Clutch Bag!

The shape of the qualting is also very fancy and luxurious!

It looks nice.

She has the same qualifications on her back.

Large size, storage space.

I'm so happy that it's spacious! Look at it for yourself.

I think it's a good idea to listen to and live.

Isn't the logo too bright?

It is not an old-fashioned gold medal.

It is a luxurious and rough-looking gold medal.

It's simple and luxurious.

I think it's pretty.

The colors that you see for yourself.

The most similar logo! The golden logo!

And as you can see in GIF, if you press it, you'll lose a lot of fluffy hair.

It's so soft that it feels so soft!

in the next section

It is made of the same gold as the logo.

The logo of Paris, Yves Saint Laurent is in the middle.

It's written on it's written!

It would be better to distinguish between real and fake.

There's a strap in the clutch bag.

It's detachable!

If you lose the strap,

Only strap straps are available!

There's a clutch bag. There's a strap.

If you hear it in your hand,

It's more comfortable. So I always wear a leash.

I tend to use it.

There's no danger of dropping your bag!

There is Yves Saint Laurent logo inside.

There are two large pockets and six card slots.

I don't have to carry my wallet around.

It's great!

Even if the bag is too big, the clutch's attractive...

There is a card slot on the way down.

It was nice to take off my luggage!

It's calf skin.

The leather is very soft.

It's soft and soft, so when you press it, it comes back up.

It was really light and nice!

You'll find out if you touch it yourself.

It's that soft...

The back is very luxurious too.

It's perfect for your body. It's perfect for your body.

You look beautiful from the back.

No, I don't.

It's closed!

You'll be surprised if it gets thinner. ~

The sewing and finishing touches are too much.

It was nice to organize it thoroughly!

That's a lot of money

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