a used car charm that makes your heart beat
How do you want to livelihood?I've been thinking, I've been confused.But to make it easier for me to move on my own,I'm sure the car will be the best choice.It made me think~ I'm the only one.I don't think I'm thinking.There's a sedan that I've always wanted.You all know Genesis G70 used, right?Compare to other […]

How do you want to livelihood?

I've been thinking, I've been confused.

But to make it easier for me to move on my own,

I'm sure the car will be the best choice.

It made me think~ I'm the only one.

I don't think I'm thinking.

There's a sedan that I've always wanted.

You all know Genesis G70 used, right?

Compare to other models, but more

He was out in sporty form, personal.

I've been so greedy about it, and here I am I?

I'm just wondering if you're with me.

That's why I started looking around. The color.

It was amazing. It's a dark line.

There was a little bit of blue in the air. Name

Turns out it's a dark blue one.

Well, I wouldn't have 88카 liked it if it were, sporty.

Maybe it's because it's a car out of one sense.

It looked good on you. The visuals are the best!

And it's called elite. That'

It's not that high, so a little bit in this part.

It's a shame. But it's still basic.

I don't know if there's a lot of pure functionality in

It's because I didn't. It's a big hit.

I could try. I want you to look at it by my standards.

It's not enough even when it's done? I don't feel like this.

No, I didn't. I just ran to me.

I barely managed to push him away.

It's been hard. My wallet says it's...

I never thought about this guy.

But it's relatively affordable and affordable.

You can look at what was out there as true.~~

Oil is injected with gasoline as if it were natural.

I did. I even started the engine.Hah!

I don't know if you're going to be able to find out all the details.

Follow the instructions in detail so you don't miss them

He was doing it. He even opened the bonnet.

There's a tremor that could be an irregular problem.

It's that I didn't. And there's no noise.

I was on the side! Based on quietness.

It's full of energy and softness, so you can run comfortably.

I thought I'd be able to see it.

There's a lot of dust in there, so I'm looking for you.

There was no problem with stirring, and it was clean!

Genesis G70 used cars among young people.

They say it's enough to talk about it, actually.

And when I saw it, I was convinced.

I don't want to target high-age people.

As expected, they're actually targeting young people.

That's what it looked like that! sleek and sporty

in contrast to the appearance of the composition

I've come to meet you with a full-fledged interior design.

And the design of the ventilation shafts.

It feels like it. And I'm just wondering if it'sir.

The heater air conditioner you're turning on, so it's just...

Keep temperature under control and heat lines and ventilation seats

It's made up, so you can smile.

The color scheme of the interior was unique!

Black dashboards, handles, and centers.

The center fascia that's doing it, too.

The designated seat color is Milk Brown!

in contrast to the dark blue body colour of the exterior

With a touch of glamour, it highlights a high-quality mood.

I'm giving it away, so I'm giving you five stars.

I wanted to give it to you. What if you've got another bung-

Even if you're on board, you're gonna have to use my combination of

I wanted to do it.

It's a neat, managed interior and has a good sense of seating!

The passenger seat, including the driver's seat, of course, is power.

Genesis g70 used-la buttons consisting of sheets

Just press one to control the angle and position.

I think it's relatively different from other series.

It didn't feel that big. This is all.

I can tell you that I was disappointed.fi

However, the doors are dedicated and well designed.

Well, if I recall what it was meant to be, it's nothing more.

Even if it's secured in space, it's a big deal.

I didn't think it would be a problem

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