I recommend men’s luxury shoes!
Which part do you care the most about when you coordinate?No top, no bottom, no fancy accessories.It's all important.I think shoes complete the person's dignity.Even if it's not a luxury item,If the shoes are luxury, then the coordinator will look more mature.It has an effect.​Today, from sneakers to sneakers to loppers.Best 2020 item to hit […]

Which part do you care the most about when you coordinate?

No top, no bottom, no fancy accessories.

It's all important.

I think shoes complete the person's dignity.

Even if it's not a luxury item,

If the shoes are luxury, then the coordinator will look more mature.

It has an effect.

Today, from sneakers to sneakers to loppers.

Best 2020 item to hit your boyfriend's taste.

I've collected 7 recommendations for men's luxury shoes!

1. Christian Louboutin

Louis Junior Strathine 레플리카 Sneakers

Price: KRW 2.2 million

Christian Louboutin is a luxury brand in France.

Between people who know enough to call me Rubutang,

It's a very popular brand.

The best among them is the sneakers.

G-Dragon often wears Rubutin's shoes.

It's starting to get known.

As you can see from the shoes, the design is absolutely simple.

No, it's not. It doesn't overlap, it's unique.

I think it's perfect for those who want to recommend men's luxury shoes.

I don't have a lot of likes or dislikes among them.

I brought you a gray colored Satin Lewis Junior Stickers.

Sporty silhouettes, sparkling strath crystals,

Finish inside with beige leather.

The product is completed with a logo engraved on the bottom of the signature red color.

It's of good quality, known as "money-for-money."

Rubutin's sneakers!

For men who like to be colorful and stand out.

I think it's perfect.

2. Hermes

Paris Roper

Price: 4.7 million won

Shall we move on to the ropper?

Men are starting to care about fashion.

You can often see a ropper on the street.

Loppers that can be worn seasonally from spring to winter,

It's good for the younger generation to wear.

With this design, middle-aged people will be able to pull it off without difficulty.

The most expensive Hermes Roper, Paris Roper,

Glossy Nilotikus Crockerdale Skin Front Nose

Paladium plated signature 'H' logo

It's cool because it's stuck in the middle.

If you'd like to recommend a pair of men's luxury shoes for a simple introduction,

I recommend Hermes!

3. Louis Vuitton

Major Roper

Price: KRW 1.4 million

Louis Vuitton's roper is called a driving shoe.

It's famous. It's light and has a hard sole.

It's especially easy for men who drive.

Major Roper with Louis Vuitton's pattern on it.

Wearable from young to middle-aged people.

It's a design and color, so I recommend men's luxury shoes!

Glaze finish calf skin trimming,

Silver finish LV initial accessories are eye-catching.

Leather, rubber soles are less worn and less slippery.

I don't think it'll be too much to wear in winter.

4. Balenciaga

Balenciaga Triples Low-Top Snickers

Price: KRW 1.2 million

Balenciaga is one of the rising luxury brands, right?

Among them, Speedrunner and Triples Lowtop are famous.

You know, you've got a lot of "fake"

Major-class shoes.

Today, we're going to have triple s low-top sneakers.

I'm recommending men's luxury shoes!

I think it'll go really well with casual looks. Haha

Hiking shoes have the same rugged charm that they remind you of course.

The combination of colors is fresh.

White-colored round-shaped front nose,

size embroidery, leather and mesh panels engraved on the front nose,

Footwear tongue, full tap on the back, brand detail on the side,

Race-up style, three layers of rubber.

Features a rigid sole.

5. Gucci

Gucci Logo Lighton Leather Snickers

Price: KRW 1.2 million

Gucci is the most preferred brand for men in their 20s and 30s!

Guccido Looper and sneakers are representative.

Roper's just as common as Balenciaga.

A lot of people are avoiding it.

So today's the face of Gucci sneakers.

Let me introduce the 'Ruighton Leather Stickers'.

Retro-designed leather sneakers.

The thick brush and bulk design makes you look strong.

Maybe it's because I got inspired by printing in the 1980s.

The vintage design stands out!

with unusual colors

The Gucci logo is pretty big.

For those of you who want to show off your brand without difficulty.

I'd like to recommend men's luxury shoes.

6. Tom Brown

Classic Blue-cheeked Oxford Shoes

Price: KRW 2.1 million

Everyone knows Tom Brown's tricolor logo, right?

Tom Brown's shoes are very famous.

Among them, the gloss came out really pretty.

The unique tricolor logo of the shoes is in the middle of the shoe.

It's often embedded.

For those who prefer shoes,

A simple design that goes well with most suits and suits.

He wanted it!

So it's classic, but it's got a logo on its back.

Classic blue-cheeked Oxford Shoes

I'd like to put it in the men's luxury shoe recommendation list.

7. Maison Marziela

Tabi Instapump Fury Lo

Price: KRW 1.6 million

Maison Marziela is very famous for her tavi shoes.

Roper and shoes are also pretty, but sneakers are especially well known.

He's got every shoe mania he has.

These are the sneakers of Merron Marzilla:)

Tavi's unique split design stands out.

If you're a high-top fan,

It's an item that I really want to keep.

Brushed leather,

A version consisting of a State Rubber sole

Excellent cushioning capability to absorb impact.

Arches providing light and flexible support

The unique Foot Chamber design of the Instapump without Schrace

It is said to provide the best fit for your feet.

The color is so pretty, and the structural silhouette is so beautiful.

For those who like unique and unique items,

I'd like to recommend a pair of men's luxury shoes.

I've recommended men's luxury shoes so far!

From type to design, brand to price range

I've introduced you as diverse as possible.

I don't know if you like it.

Because it's an objective statement.

There can be a difference in taste between people.

Please refer to it!

From sneakers to roppers to shoes.

It's good for giving birthday presents and anniversaries for your boyfriend.

I recommend men's luxury shoes!

Ladies and gentlemen, today's love horoscope.

Solo fans, check out today's romance.

I hope you have a lovely day!

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