Pleasant K9 Used Car Climax
It was a few years ago. About eight years ago, my uncle...You said you had a new car. You drove me and my sister.I once asked you to go for a drive. IThat's when the luxury sedan first came out.I was riding it, and I still remember that time.It's like a flash, but I remember […]

It was a few years ago. About eight years ago, my uncle...

You said you had a new car. You drove me and my sister.

I once asked you to go for a drive. I

That's when the luxury sedan first came out.

I was riding it, and I still remember that time.

It's like a flash, but I remember his name.

I don't think of it as a good old memory.

I was doing it. Today, The K9 used car.

After I saw it, I bragged that my uncle pulled it out.

I realized that he was the one who did it.

I'm gonna watch it and tell you the story of how I came back. Haha

The k9 that I saw this time is 2020 model year

He was with me, the first time I saw him,

It's a lot more luxurious than that.

I was giving it to you. Just looking at the radiator grille,

Wow, the sound came out of itself. both sides

The headlamps used to be positioned as two

The LED lights up on the line.

And it gives off the feeling of a foreign car.

If it weren't for the Kia emblem, it would be very luxurious.

I'm sure many of you got on because of the high cost.

Personally, that was a bit disappointing.

But it's a matter of taste. That's not much.

I'm sure there are people who don't care, right? by all the way

It's a grand platinum grade on the liver.

You can look forward to a lot of helpful options.

I thought there would be. At 3.8 GDI, to be exact,

This is the model that was there, and it's powered by AWD.

They say it's their appearance. The staff told me to do this.

You told me that, but I remember everything exactly.

If I summarize it without me, it's very stable.

It's a good situation to go far into the old road.

It was the fact that it was out there. That's great!

The total mileage is about 15,340 kilometers.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull this fine guy

You'd be upset if you didn't see it. face to face

I don't know if it's a little pointy when it comes to doing something.

I did, but when I saw it from the side, it was three dimensional.

It's a wonderful thing to know how big it is.

It was also a moment. Tyre wheels, too.

It's a four-pronged, ten-pronged thing.

It's a form, and the survival rate is good. It's very fancy.

I'm not good-looking, but I'm not.

And I felt overwhelmed by the size.

And the backside is really attractive. Rear lamp

It's on both ends, and it's on this edge.

It's got a thin chrome molding around it.

It didn't make me feel like it. Down.

There's a long moulding in there, and it's too long.

It's good to drive comfortably every day by day.

As a sedan, more K9 middle and high school recommended.

I know why! in comparison to the past

It's got details on it. 88카 This time,

View in a low-use, high-completion

I'd like to tell you that it was good to be able to.

You have a history of accidents, you have a problem here.

You didn't even fall for it. the long-awaited interior

I'm going in! Unusual colors

I was bragging about it. I've often found choices

I think it's a black or gray line.

I was doing it, but it wasn't. Actually, a window.

I glanced out, and I found a brown line.

There are speculative sheets, so I'm very excited.

It was my heart, too. In terms of durability,

It's easy to find the most brilliant and seated traces.

I liked it because it wasn't made of any material.^^

It's a power sheet. Row 1 and row 2 are just buttons.

If you press it, you can hear the ging sound and the location.

The angle is set. Controllers in second row

They had boxes, each heated up.

Adjusting the front seat, etc., to the environment in detail.

I was able to control it was controlled. It's this much detail.

It's not common to come out with convenience.

I think the more I look at it, the more attractive it is.

I was surprised. The years aren't old.

From visual to function, it's killing two birds with one stone!

There's also a trip screen. of 16:9 degrees 16:

with a wide screen installed

And the instrument panel was a little bit deep inside.

It's buried in the old road. behind the wheel

The instrument cluster that was being shown was in the form of a screen.

It was installed and the brightness was appropriate.

The light is smudging, making your eyes too tired.

There was no problem throwing it away. Which door is it?

It's open. It's open. It's open.

They say that the warning light also lights up according to the situation!

The analog clock is now at the center of the center fascia.

I was holding it like a navel. in reality

He was doing a good job with his watch.

There's a variety of shortcuts to the , right? soon

To understand what functions.

It wasn't hard work. And like this.

Down there's a gearbox set up.

Gripy gear bars and two easy to use.

I saw the open tumbler holder right away.^^

a toned-down brownish leather

It's used in the seats from the gearbox.

And the door trim had the same color.

It was used, but the weight of the wood pattern

It's there. It makes the atmosphere more lively. It's a fine detail.

The design was noticeable enough to look at.

Heat lines and ventilation options fully set in each spot

It's also there. because of the season

It doesn't look like it's going to be embarrassing.

In winter, the essential heat lines are embedded well.

There was, and there's ventilation in the summer

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