Massage gel is recommended as a natural moisturizer.
How was your day today?Did you finish your day well?!​The weather is below freezing all of a sudden! After the fall, your face.I hate the feeling that my whole body is so dry,You know, you're in a hurry, right?The thought of how to take care of her makes my head noisy.I want to go get […]

How was your day today?

Did you finish your day well?!

The weather is below freezing all of a sudden! After the fall, your face.

I hate the feeling that my whole body is so dry,

You know, you're in a hurry, right?

The thought of how to take care of her makes my head noisy.

I want to go get a massage, but...

What kind of massage in a corona situation?

My skin is generally sensitive, so in winter,

Make sure you take care of your whole body with body lotion.

But I don't know if it's because I'm old.

I don't know if my constitution is changing, but my skin type has changed!

It used to be a body lotion.

It's been taken care of enough.

I don't have a choice anymore.

I'm going to take care of my body this time.

The Leciselle product that I made for you.

I don't have any natural moisturizers, so I thought I'd share them.

I post it like this.

We'll share the information and share the good stuff.

This product is already sold out in the second round, but now it's sold out in the second round.

There's a huge discount going on to celebrate the sale!

If you're worried about it since there's not much time left, buy it first.

You'll never regret it.


The event is in the price range!

It's almost half-price.


If you buy 300ml, add 마사지사이트 60ml!


If you buy two 300ml, you get one more 300ml. 🙂


A total of three types of pump caps, ticks, and portable pouches.

Free gift ☆


It's called a photo purchase review event.

If you leave us a photo book, we'll get you a Starbucks gift certificate.

It's free of charge.

Last but not least, best.

Once the purchase review is selected, the home gun or massage gun will be used.

I'll give it to you for free.

This product is worth 150,000 won. It's worth staring at, right?

You know, you're not supposed to miss an event.

I'd like to recommend a massage gel.

The Leciselle brand is called the cleanliness of our bodies.

It's a brand that has faith.

We're going to make it's going to be better quality.

I'm not sure if it's hygienic and comfortable to use, but the quality is good.

The question of whether it wasn't there soon became the answer, and the answer was the product that produced the answer.

First of all, conviction is the skin's overall.

I'm sensitive enough to use it.

I was relieved at some point.

To match it, snail mucus filtrate instead of glycerin.

It's mild because it's made of only various extracts.
pH 4.5 Massage gel made from acidic acidity is recommended!

Aligning the acidity between 4.0 and 5.0 most similar to that of a woman's body

Leciselle is a lactobacillus inhabiting the vagina of women.

Lactobacillus is a healthy environment that does not interfere with the living environment.

It helps to maintain it.

Also, it is a product that has received an international standard certification IOS certification.

It's a product that has been certified to meet international standards.

Only if the company is honoured based on environmentally friendly policies

It's a part where it's certified.

as many as 300 ml.

It's a mass massage gel that's better than other products.

The ingredients are good and the price is good.

I loved the fact that the capacity was huge!

Massage gel is more effective than you think once you use it.

I'm going to use it quickly because I use it a lot, right?

But if it's this large gel, even if you use it a lot,

You don't have to worry about spending it all, do you?
Massage gel recommendation

When selecting a product

Water-soluble or oil-type

Are you good at checking this part?

Personally, I'm the only one who has a lot of stickiness.

I hate body lotion so much. ㅠㅠ

If there's a little bit of stickiness left,

No, no, no way!

I don't want to use it.

But, as for this product I recommend,

the external stickiness of the skin because it is water-soluble

There's no such thing, and you just have to wash it off lightly after use.

It's convenient to use. If you use it in oil form,

Take care of this...I'm at a loss.


It's a yoroke pump type.

There's a protective cap, so it's hygienic.

You can use it while storing it.

Massage gel is mostly a loose formulation.

There's a lot more on the floor to use.

It's something pump-type. apparently

You can adjust the amount just right.

It was much easier to use.

It's transparent and fuzzy,

It's a formulation with a little bit of strength.

It doesn't just flow like water!

It's natural, isn't it? It doesn't smell strong.

I think you can think of it as almost odorless.

The recommended massage gel product is also called a natural moisturizer!

The glycerin we've been calling a natural moisturizer recently.

There was a big issue with oil refining.

So, Lecisel is not using glycerine.

It's made of a lot of safe extracts.

Perfect for use as a natural vegetable moisturizer.

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